celebrating the New Year with fireworks and insurance best practicesThe traditional New Year’s Eve song title “Auld Lang Syne” translates to “Days Gone By.” Since the end of December is a time for reflection, we’re looking back on a busy and successful year, proud of the insurance best practices we shared in this blog.

We’re also proud of some new developments at the agency. In the past year, we welcomed Evan Dowd into the family business as an account executive, adding to the fifth generation of Dowds at the agency. With experience in the insurance industry and as a licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Producer, he hit the ground running and is a valuable asset to our clients.

In addition, we updated the signage at all five of our locations and moved our Southampton office into a bigger, brighter space.

Our bi-monthly blogs offer timely advice on a range of topics. Here’s a look back with links for quick access and a tip from each blog to get you started.

Safety Check

We’re in the business of protecting you from harm, so several blogs helped you safely navigate many of life’s common activities, like safe:

Policies 101

We also shared some introductions to insurance basics, with blogs about:

Look Before Leaping

Since everyone can benefit from an ounce or two of prevention, we offered blogs with tips to prevent:

Plan for Special Occasions

To round out our year-end recap, these blogs address preparing for events that are relaxing, life-changing, financially rewarding and more, including:

These tips just scratch the surface of the advice contained in each blog. We hope you find this recap helpful—with our knowledge on your side, you could have the best year yet in 2020.

Have questions about any of these topics? Contact us today—we’re happy to provide answers.