Most people know they need insurance for their vehicles, but if you have an RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle, such as jet skis or snowmobiles, you’ll need different coverage for each.

Whatever recreational vehicle you own, the insurance experts at The Dowd Insurance Agencies will show you how to protect it.


If you have watercraft—big or small, for coastal or inland use—we can provide you the most competitive boat insurance protection available. Whether you are looking for a policy to cover the hull and trailer or liability, we can help.


The same amount of liability coverage required for an auto is required for an RV (recreational vehicle) or motor home in Massachusetts and most states (towed vehicles, like campers, are typically covered under your auto policy).

While the state requires certain compulsory coverage, the unique aspects of RVs require specific types of coverage based on numerous factors. If parked out in the open, your RV is at risk for storm damage, vandalism and possible theft. If you live in your vehicle, it's especially important that you consider additional insurance coverage. We can help determine the appropriate coverage for your needs.