John E. Dowd Jr., AAI, LIA
President and CEO

P: 413-437-1004 
F: 413-437-1404
[email protected]
John E Dowd Jr.vcf

David W. Griffin Sr., CIC, LIA
Executive Vice President

P: 413-437-1005 
F: 413-437-1405
[email protected]
David W Griffin Sr.vcf 

David W. Griffin Jr., CIC
Senior Vice President

P: 413-437-1003 
F: 413-437-1403
[email protected]
David W Griffin Jr.vcf

Jon D. Lumbra
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Administration
Managing Partner of Dowd Financial Services, LLC

P: 413-437-1021 
F: 413-437-1421
[email protected]
Jon D Lumbra.vcf

Jennifer Lawton, CISR
Vice President of Insurance Operations

P: 413-437-1076 
F: 413-437-1476
[email protected]
Jennifer Lawton.vcf