As a growing business, the best way for you to attract and retain quality employees is by offering a small group insurance plan. The Dowd Agencies can help you establish and manage an Affordable Care Act compliant plan with health, life and ancillary coverage for under 50 employees. If you run a larger business, we can also help you manage a large group plan.

Benefits of Small Group Health Insurance

An employee group health insurance plan will reduce your turnover while keeping your staff healthy. Finding the right group health insurance coverage for your employees can be a daunting task unless you know who to talk to. Dowd will identify your very specific group needs and work on your behalf as an insurance broker. We'll shop highly-rated carriers and combine plans to build a small business group health insurance package that works for your employees. We can assist you in providing a wide range of managed care plans through preferred provider organizations (PPO), health maintenance organizations (HMO) or through indemnity plans.

There are also tax incentives associated with coverage. A small business owner that offers a group coverage plan will find it to be less expensive than the alternative of providing higher wages. Health insurance is a form of compensation that isn’t taxed for you or for your employees.

Group Life Insurance

In addition to health, we help you in selecting a group life insurance policy, so your loyal workers know their families are protected and covered as well. In most cases, group coverage costs much less for your employees than an individual plan would, making this a crucial perk to maintaining a happy and productive workforce.

Group Dental and Ancillary Benefits

Round out your small group plan and make your business more competitive in the employment marketplace with an array of attractive ancillary and voluntary benefits. Dowd can ensure you provide your employees with attractive opt-in coverage including dental, vision, short-term disability and long-term disability.