Some of your retired employees served your company for decades, now you have the opportunity to reward that hard work. Dowd can work with you to establish a group retiree plan that provides benefits for both you and your loyal workers.

What are the Benefits?

Adding retiree group plans is an expense for business owners, but one that can easily be recouped. We can find a plan for your business that integrates with group Medicare, which is another available option that companies can provide their former employees.

Regardless of the plan you choose, investing in medical coverage shows you are invested in the health and well-being of your employees, not just your bottom line. But investing in group retiree plans with The Dowd Agencies shows that you’re invested in both.

  • You’ll attract and retain top talent: job seekers consider health benefits and retiree benefits when considering job offers. Having group health retiree plans will set you apart, allowing you to hire the best of the best and hang on to them.
  • Choose the coverage for your needs: align the benefits with your regular group plan by altering deductible or copayment amounts.
  • Dowd will handle the administrative burden, analyzing your options to provide the most cost-effective benefits plan that simultaneously ensures you take care of your retirees.

As your partner in this implementation, Dowd will understand your company’s unique needs and offer the long-term health care plan tailored to your goals for your former workers.