As a business owner, you should provide your team with an employee benefit plan equally designed to ensure their health and satisfaction. The employee benefits you may provide include various types of non-wage compensation in addition to normal wages or salaries. With a solid benefits plan, Dowd can help you increase the economic security of employees, and in doing so, improve retention of motivated and loyal workers across the organization.

We can also help you achieve the same goal on a personal level for you and your family. At The Dowd Agencies, we divide our wide-ranging benefits offerings into two categories: group benefits and individual benefits.

Group Benefits Coverage

Our benefit experts provide personal attention and can help guide you through the myriad of employee benefit services available in a very crowded and confusing marketplace.

The Dowd Agencies is an employee benefits broker you can trust; we want to build a solid, lasting partnership of honesty and professionalism with your business. Engrained in our western Massachusetts insurance heritage is our belief that paperwork should never replace “people work.” Our group benefits include:

Individual Benefits Coverage

We are also experienced with working directly with individuals to provide them with the perks that will protect them and their families with the best coverage for the best price. Our individual benefits include:

Whether it’s for yourself or for your business, The Dowd Agencies is here to help. Contact us to get started today.