If your employer doesn’t offer insurance through an employee benefits program, you may look to purchase your own coverage through a private insurance company. Finding the right insurance for individuals can be a daunting task, so we are here to walk you through the process and make sure you get all the coverage you need.

Individual Health, Life, Dental and Ancillary Coverage

In addition to health and life coverage, Dowd can help you with a variety of benefit plan options from individual dental insurance to ancillary insurance and more. Our experts are current on applicable insurance laws and will:

  • Obtain premium quotes from insurers
  • Provide enrollment assistance
  • Assist with any issues
  • Match your company with the best third party administrator health savings accounts (HSA), and coordinate calculating and verifying as needed

Individual Retiree Medical Plans

We can also assist if you need help finding the right individual retiree medical plan for you. The Dowd Agencies can help you navigate through the process of deciding on a plan and ensuring you receive the benefits you need.