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The Dowd Insurance Agencies hires Nick Vautrin as account executive

The Dowd Agencies, LLC, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, announced that Nick Vautrin, a resident of South Hadley, has been hired as an account executive.

“As the Dowd Agencies continues to grow, we are regularly looking to add new talent to our team,” said John E. Dowd, president and CEO. “Nick is an excellent fit, bringing a lot of energy and a strong commitment to providing the best service to our customers.”

Vautrin… Continue reading →

Jon Lumbra named Managing Partner/President of Dowd Financial Services

The Dowd Agencies, LLC, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, has appointed Chief Financial Officer Jon D. Lumbra as the new managing partner/president of Dowd Financial Services.

“This is a natural progression of responsibility and oversight for Jon,” said John E. Dowd, president and CEO. “He brings nearly two decades of experience in financial services to the table, including the past year as chief financial officer with our firm. He is known for his breadth… Continue reading →

David W. Griffin Sr. commended for 35-year commitment to the CIC

David W. Griffin, Sr.

David W. Griffin Sr., CIC, LIA, the executive vice president and treasurer of The Dowd Agencies, LLC, has been recognized by The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) for his 35 years of committed professional leadership and advanced knowledge. Griffin earned the designation through a series of rigorous examinations and has maintained the designation by annual attendance at an approved CIC continuing education program.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized by the CIC for my longevity and commitment,” said Griffin. “Ongoing… Continue reading →

The Dowd Agencies launch drive to benefit The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Collection boxes set up at each branch location throughout the month of May

The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for more than 118 years, today announced the launch of a cell phone collection drive to benefit The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). The organization, founded in 1978, works to end violence in the lives of women and men through education and advocacy efforts. The donated cell phones will be refurbished and sold… Continue reading →

David W. Griffin, Jr., promoted to vice president at The Dowd Insurance Agencies

The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for more than 118 years, today announced David W. Griffin, Jr., has been promoted to vice president of The Dowd Insurance Agencies. Griffin is based out of the Holyoke office and works with the other branches based in Hadley, Southampton, Ludlow and Indian Orchard.

“The Dowd Insurance Agencies is the oldest family-owned agency in Massachusetts,” said David W. Griffin, Sr., “and I am very proud that my son… Continue reading →

Five generations later, Holyoke’s Dowd Agencies stays true to insurance roots

Written by Keith O’Connor, Special to The Republican

No story about the Dowd Agencies – the oldest insurance agency in Massachusetts under continuous family ownership – and its tremendous growth over the years can be told without a little background history first.

Like many Irish immigrants who came to settle in Holyoke, James J. Dowd arrived in the Paper City in 1865 to build a better life for himself and his family.

While Dowd worked in a textile mill, one… Continue reading →

Business Income Insurance – Coverage You Can’t Afford to skip


Have you ever watched a big storm or witnessed an accident on the news that you hope would never happen to you and your business? The truth is you never know when a natural disaster or accident will hit. If it does, is your bottom line covered?

Business income coverage (also known as business interruption coverage), is protection against loss of income or profits. This coverage protects businesses if they have suffered a property loss or damage from a covered… Continue reading →

Recovering from a Disaster

By John E. Dowd Jr.

John E. Dowd Jr.

Change in the business environment is expected. From regional landscape shifts and government regulations to emerging technologies, international competition, and more, it’s important to consider all the reasons why and how to insure your business.

And while some changes are predictable, others are not, but there are ways to plan for both.

What if you went to the office one morning to find nothing there? A flood, hurricane, tornado, or terrorist attack made it impossible… Continue reading →



The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for more than 118 years, today announced Jack Dowd will be joining the agency as an Account Executive. The addition of Jack Dowd represents the fifth generation of family to be employed at The Dowd Insurance Agencies.

“It’s a real sense of pride that I feel welcoming my son, Jack, to the family business representing the fifth generation here at The Dowd Insurance Agencies,” said John E. Dowd,… Continue reading →


Michael G. Rzepka Michael G. Rzepka joined The Dowd Insurance Agencies in 1991
The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for more than 118 years, today announced Michael G. Rzepka is celebrating his 25th anniversary as part of the firm. Rzepka joined The Dowd Insurance Agencies in 1991 with a concentration on commercial sales and has provided a quarter century of local service. For more than three decades, Rzepka has held various positions in commercial underwriting, marketing… Continue reading →


Jon-Lumbra_1853-4x6 The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, today announced the appointment of Chief Financial Officer, Jon D. Lumbra.  A resident of Holyoke, Lumbra will be responsible for directing the fiscal operations of the business and supervising the accounting department. In addition, he will assist in the planning, establishing and maintaining of current systems and procedures.

“We are pleased to welcome Jon to the team,” said David Griffin W. Griffin,… Continue reading →


1601063_DOWD-WebTimeline-Slide19The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for 118 years, today announced it will enter into a strategic alliance with a subsidiary of The Quincy Mutual Group. Through Quincy Perpetuation Partners (QPP), the new subsidiary, Quincy Mutual will invest in a 20 percent ownership position in The Dowd Insurance Agencies.

A full-service agency, The Dowd Insurance Agencies have been helping people and businesses in western Massachusetts with their personal insurance, commercial insurance, and financial-planning needs… Continue reading →

John E, Dowd, Jr. Selected To The MAIA Board of Directors

John Dowd Jr. The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, today announced that President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dowd Insurance Agencies, John E. Dowd Jr., was selected to serve on the board of directors for the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA).

Membership in the MAIA is open to independent, licensed insurance agencies doing business as individuals, partnerships, corporations or other forms of business organizations in Massachusetts with 1,300 agency members,… Continue reading →

Top Three Reasons to Combine Your Insurance Policies

By: John E. Dowd, Jr.

Today our entire lives are bundled, we bundle our cable, internet, and phone, and just like shopping at Costco the idea of ordering in bulk or paying for multiple services through one provider brings the price down. The same can be said for insurance policies. Most Americans start driving under their parents insurance and although some have made changes along the way, most drivers do not make mindful efforts to switch insurance policies. As a… Continue reading →

Practicing What They Preach – Dowd Agency’s Wellness Program Inspires Healthy Habits


On June 1, Karen Drudi completed her first five-kilometer run.

It was her 55th birthday, and she took third place in her age group. “I call it my marathon, and I have the medal I won hanging on a doorknob at home,” said the executive assistant at Dowd Insurance Agency in Holyoke.

Drudi is proud of her accomplishment, and knows that running a 5K is something she probably would never have attempted on her own. But thanks… Continue reading →

Six FAQs About EMV Credit Cards and Crime Coverage data: Take Charge of the Situation

The nationwide shift to EMV is well underway.

EMV — which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa — is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. In the wake of numerous large-scale data breaches and increasing rates of counterfeit card fraud, U.S. card issuers are migrating to this new technology to protect consumers and reduce the costs of fraud.

“These new and improved cards are being deployed to improve payment… Continue reading →

Dowd Insurance Agencies Promotes Employee Wellness

The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, launched a formal wellness program to promote physical and mental health of employees in the workplace and at home. The program was officially announced in February at an annual meeting and a committee was formed to create, implement and monitor the effort to support overall health and morale of participating employees.

“In January, a committee was formed to promote wellness within our work environment.… Continue reading →

Around-the-Clock Service

In this need-it-now world, the James J. Dowd & Sons Insurance Agency knows how important it is to meet customer expectations. If they don’t, somebody else will. Watch this Success Story to find out how their brokerage is using value-added services to get more business in the door and keep their insureds loyal and satisfied.


The Dowd Insurance Agencies to Host a Series of Blood Drives

HOLYOKE, Mass. – The Dowd Insurance Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, today announced they will host a series of Baystate Blood Donor Program blood drives at their Holyoke facility located at 14 Bobala Road. The first mobile blood drive will be held Tuesday, Aug. 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in The Dowd Insurance Agencies parking lot.

With over a century of insurance experience, The Dowd Insurance Agencies has a longstanding history… Continue reading →

Dave Griffin, Jr. Receives Certified Insurance Counselors Designation

The Dowd Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, today announced Account Executive David Griffin, Jr., has received the Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) designation. This accomplishment is not mandated for the insurance industry, but provides an extensive knowledge-base to benefit consumers.

“Prestigious designations like CIC are essential if you want to be considered among the leaders in our industry. It shows a true commitment to professionalism and excellence in the business of insurance sales. David… Continue reading →

More Businesses Turn to Insurance for Protection Against Hackers

SPRINGFIELD (WGGB) — It seems every week there’s another company that’s been hacked.

Who can forget the massive cyber-attack on Target just before the holiday’s in 2013, when a hacker stole more than 40 million credit and debit card numbers?

Then in April, hackers hit Home Depot and stole 56 million credit card accounts.

More recently, insurance giant Anthem fell victim, leaking 80 million customer social security numbers and other sensitive information.

Those are the big ones – but nearly… Continue reading →

Cyber Security – WGBY Segment

In the wake of the massive computer hacking that hit health insurer Anthem, Inc., insurance account executive Michael Levin of the Dowd Insurance Agencies discusses the dangers and serious financial liabilities many even small companies, businesses and medical offices can face in terms of protecting client and patient information. Watch the full segment on WGBY’s Connecting Point here.

Anthem Data Breach Leaves Consumers More Open to Identity Theft

Michael Levin – an Account Executive at The Dowd Agencies spoke to The Berkshire Eagle about the importance of having data breach liability insurance.

PITTSFIELD >> While last week’s data breach at Anthem Health Care conjured up memories of recent attacks on Target or Home Depot, experts say this case could have more serious consequences for consumers.

While the Anthem thieves reportedly did not receive credit card data, they did receive Social Security numbers and other personal information, which… Continue reading →

Are You Protected Against Cyber Theft?

If the Answer Is ‘No,’ the Consequences Could Be Costly


When it comes to cyber security and data breaches, no system is infallible. Some of the largest companies in the world have been victims of data breaches.  Recently, the Swansea, Mass. Police Department contracted the CrytoLocker computer virus, and paid ransom to gain access to their files.

While large breaches like those at Target, Neiman Marcus, and Yahoo! receive great media attention, smaller breaches occur daily… Continue reading →

Who Is Liable to Pay for Pothole Repairs?

WEST SPRINGFIELD/HOLYOKE, Mass. (WGGB) –Tire Warehouse was one of the first places people went after their tires blew on Rt. 5, battling potholes. “We’ve been seeing a lot of damage, Between tires, wheels, the whole thing. People are calling us off the hook, wondering if they have road hazard coverage or not,” said manager Tim Dowley.

In fact, in recent days, John Dowd has seen several people coming into his office in similar situations, wondering if or where the municipality… Continue reading →

Process Engineering

How to Reduce Stress and Optimize Outcomes in Filing Insurance Claims
John E. Dowd, Jr. December 17, 2013 Business West

Let’s begin with the premise that insurance companies are in the business of paying claims, pure and simple. However, as most people are aware, the process of filing and then being paid for compensable claims is not always easy or convenient, depending on the size and nature of a claim.
We try to advise our clients at the outset of… Continue reading →

Wise Policies

Why Life Insurance Is Important for Small Businesses


In any business, the death of a key person can seriously cripple stability.
Therefore, securing a life-insurance policy is an essential part of a business plan regardless of the industry served, and for many reasons.
For example, with life insurance in place, the business can use the death-benefit proceeds to help cover the expense of finding, hiring, and training a replacement, which is often a burden for even healthy… Continue reading →

The Dowd Insurance Agencies Announces The Appointment Of Accounting Controller, Timothy J. Sterritt

The Dowd Agencies, a leading insurance provider serving New England for over 115 years, is pleased to welcome Timothy J. Sterritt, as accounting controller at its Holyoke office. Sterritt will play a key leadership role as a member of the senior management team, participating in and directing the agency planning process. He is responsible for planning, establishing, leading, controlling and maintaining systems and procedures to provide timely and adequate financial reporting and controls.

“Tim is an accomplished financial professional and… Continue reading →

The Dowd Insurance Agencies Announces Addition of Michael Levin as Account Executive

Holyoke, MA – The Dowd Agencies is extremely proud to welcome Michael Levin as Account Executive at its Holyoke office. In his capacity, Levin will be developing new long-term relationships with both clients and vendors while also servicing existing insurance policy-holders.

“Michael has demonstrated an ability to perform in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment making him uniquely suited to the ever-changing insurance industry,” said Robert W. Gilbert, Jr., President of The Dowd Agencies. “His loyalty and dedication to growing a business… Continue reading →

The Dowd Agencies Announce the Appointment of President to Its Financial Services Division

HOLYOKE, MA- The Dowd Agencies, a locally owned independent insurance agency is pleased to announce the appointment of R. Kirk Mackey* as President of Dowd Financial Services LLC (DFS) and its Employee Benefits Division effective February 1, 2013.  DFS is a full service financial division of The Dowd Agencies, with over 50 years of combined expertise specializing in employee benefits.

Kirk has been in the financial services business since 1979.  Prior to coming to Dowd in 2005… Continue reading →

Cray-Dowd Insurance Agency Inc. of Amherst, Ma Pulling Up Stakes and Moving to New Location in Hadley

HADLEY, MA- The Dowd Agencies, headquartered in Holyoke, MA is happy to announce they are moving their Cray-Dowd Insurance Agency office located at 101 University Drive in Amherst, MA to 226 Russell Street (Route 9) in Hadley, MA.  The new Cray-Dowd office will be open for business beginning March 13, 2013 and customers can still use the same telephone number (413) 538-7444 to reach them.

 “We are thrilled to be a part of the exciting expansion along… Continue reading →

Certificates of Insurance, Evidence of Coverage Forms and Binders

Certificates of insurance, evidence of coverage forms and binders (collectively hereafter referred to as “certificates of insurance”) are intended to summarize insurance policies, including liability limits, in lieu of providing the actual polices to insureds or third parties as proof of coverage.

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance (“Division”) has been informed, however, that some insurance companies and insurance producers are being asked to provide certificates of insurance that purport to amend, extend or otherwise alter the terms of insurance provided… Continue reading →

Tornado Assistance

SBA Assistance

SBA provides low-interest business loans of up to $2 million to cover both repair of physical damage and to help a business overcome distaster-related economic injury. Rates will not exceed 4 percent for businesses with no other credit options and repayment terms of up to 30 years are available. If your business property secures and existing mortgage, a refinance of that mortgage can be included in the new loan. For more information, call (800) 659-2955 [TTY (800) 877-8339]… Continue reading →

Red Cross Assisting Torando Victims

The Red Cross Safe and Well website is being used to track residents who have been displaced by the tornadoes in the Springfield area.

It is a free, public communication tool where those affected by disasters can register on the site and post messages that they are safe. Loved ones can then conduct a search on the site to view the posted messages. To access the website, please go to https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php You can enter yourself as “Safe and Well”… Continue reading →

Tornado Assistance


FEMA and other federal agencies are currently in the middle of  conducting an assessment. This assessment and further federal action may lead to resources becoming available in the future, but nothing as of yet. They’ve provided links to various business assistance agencies that can be found at the link below, but until the fed completes the assessment phase, no one has funds.  http://www.springfieldcityhall.com/planning/171.0.html

The Administration is also working with landlords to secure temporary office space… Continue reading →

Frank Moskal Agency Becomes Part of the Dowd Agencies

Frank Moskal Insurance Agency of 28 Parker Street, Indian Orchard, MA has merged with The Dowd Agencies of Holyoke, MA. The name of Frank Moskal Insurance Agency will change to Moskal-Dowd Insurance, Inc.  and the quality service and insurance expertise that Moskal clients have known for more than 70 years will continue under this new name.

Moskal Insurance was founded in 1930 by Frank Moskal’s father. Frank ran the agency until recent years and his son Gary J. Moskal… Continue reading →

Crime Insurance

According to a 2008 study conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud, U.S. businesses lose about 7% of their annual revenues to fraud.  This equates to a staggering $994 billion loss each year nationwide to employee fraud.  Even worse, occupational fraud schemes are extremely costly to a company’s bottom line, with the median loss in the 2008 study coming in at $175,000!

The three most common categories of employee scams are: fraudulent statements; asset misappropriation; and bribery or… Continue reading →

Risky Business

Insurance buyers are both better educated about the insurance business and far more sophisticated in their insurance demands than ever before. Today, the buyer of insurance-whether an individual providing for a family’s needs or a risk manager of a corporation –knows that an integrated program of insurance protection consisting of property, casualty and liability, life and health insurance is needed. Liability, in particular, is an area that if not properly addressed can have an enormous impact on your company’s balance… Continue reading →

Insurance Mistakes

Fear is an important motivator when it comes to buying insurance. We worry about what will happen to assets like cars or homes if they are involved in a disaster, so we buy insurance to help us maintain their financial integrity if something should happen.

But in spite of the fact that insurance is designed for this purpose, sometimes it can’t give us the outcome we expect. That’s not because of something inherently wrong with the policy, but rather it… Continue reading →

The Dowd Agencies Announce the Addition of Two New Team Members

Holyoke/Amherst, MA The Dowd Agencies, a locally owned independent insurance agency announces two new additions to its growing staff.  Diane LaFleche and Jim Lawton recently joined the agency and will be working out of the Cray-Dowd Amherst office. 

Diane will serve as Cray-Dowd’s Commercial Lines Account Manager/Marketer for the Amherst location. In this role Diane will work with new and existing business insurance clients. She will also assist Dowd’s producers on quoting accounts. Diane is a Certified… Continue reading →