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Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Financial Services, Life Insurance

For auto, homeowners, boat, RV and umbrella insurance, we can help you select the appropriate coverage


Commercial Bonding is a strong and vital service of the Dowd Agencies.


Dowd Financial Services LLC is a full-service financial and employee benefits division of The Dowd Agencies


Life is full of changes. Make sure your life insurance covers all of them


The Dowd Agencies provide personal attention to your insurance and employee benefits needs

With over a century of experience in western Massachusetts insurance, The Dowd Agencies offers personal insurance, business insurance, employee benefits and planning for individuals and businesses. The Dowd Agencies take pride in providing timely and professional insurance counsel and advice.

Since our founding as an insurance agency, we have developed and maintained strong relationships with a wide spectrum of A-rated insurance carriers. Recognizing that insurance and financial services can be inherently intimidating and complicated, Dowd’s expertise will help put your mind at ease. You can be assured that whether it is home insurance, auto Insurance or commercial insurance, we can design, at a fair price, insurance protection that is just right for you.

When it comes to employee benefits and financial planning, you will have access to professional advice from Dowd Financial Services LLC. Our financial and employee benefits division of The Dowd Agencies can help guide you through the myriad of programs available in a very crowded and confusing marketplace.

At every location you’ll find that Dowd is an insurance agency interested in building a solid, lasting partnership of trust, honesty and professionalism. Engrained in our western Massachusetts insurance heritage is our belief that paperwork should never replace “people work.”

For a secure present and future, contact The Dowd Insurance Agencies today.