Tips to be cyber smart and avoid data breachesIn our digital age, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Wherever you are, every device you use, app you download, bit of information you share or message you open comes with a certain amount of risk. In recognition of Cyber Security Month, we are sharing some tips to help you be cyber smart and reduce your chances of a breach at work and home.

Vigilance and Safety Practices

There are everyday practices you should employ to protect yourself against a cyberattack.

  • Use strong, unique passwords. Don’t choose the names of your children or key dates that someone could easily guess. You should also use different passwords for everything, so if one is breached, a cybercriminal can’t access all the others. Learn more here.
  • Keep software updated. Ensure your software has the most current security settings. Allow automatic updates and regular security scans.
  • Use social caution. Be careful of what you share on social media. Never conduct business, share personally identifiable information or exchange payment information via social media. Get more tips here.
  • Be aware of phishing. Don’t open attachments or click on links from unknown sources. Never provide sensitive information via unencrypted means. If something seems fishy, think twice. Phishers can be devious.

For Businesses, being Cyber Smart Means Having a Safety Net

Businesses face significant financial loss when a cyberattack occurs. Small businesses often make the best targets, and are the most likely to be devasted by a breach. In 2019, the U.S. business sector had a 17% increase in data breaches.

Because hackers typically rely on human error, it’s imperative that all employees are regularly trained to recognize scams and malicious links, and instructed in how to handle them. Every member of an organization is responsible for keeping data, customers and systems safe and secure.

However, as we’ve seen in the news, even major companies can have a data breach. All it takes is one employee making a simple mistake. That’s why cyber liability insurance has become increasingly important. In fact, if your company keeps any type of sensitive customer information—credit card, bank account or social security numbers; medical information— electronically, insurance is essential.

There are different types and levels of protection when it comes to cyber liability insurance, and your coverage should be reviewed periodically to ensure it’s up to date. Be cyber smart: contact us and we’ll customize coverage to your business, level of risk and type of work.