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cooking safety

Safety First (Then, Shish Kebabs)

Enjoy a Safer Grilling Season

Right up there with sunbathing and mosquito swatting, backyard barbecuing is one activity that epitomizes summer. But as you plan your flame-grilled fare, plan for flame-related safety, too; nearly 9,000 home fires a year begin with the grill. Sometimes, the simplest safety measures are the most overlooked.

As cookout season heats up, here are a few tips to follow:

Give It Some Space

Like real estate, safer grilling is all about location, location, location—specifically away… Continue reading →

‘Tis the season to think safety

Not every holiday fire is so delightfulChestnuts roasting on an open fire… candles in the window... despite the lovely images they may elicit, some traditional holiday lyrics should carry a disclaimer: Don’t try this at home!We’re not trying to dampen spirits (honest!); on the contrary, we want everyone to enjoy a season that’s merry and bright. We just want to make sure the source of that brightness is a safe and well-controlled one. Many of the classic joys we associate with winter holidays—candles, decorative lights, indoor greenery and plenty of home cooking—are also classic fire hazards, making fire safety a key consideration this time of year. Continue reading →