Whether you’re on a business trip, vacationing or your car is in the shop, there are many reasons why you may find yourself behind the wheel of a rental. But before you drive away, you should give your insurance agent a call to discuss if you are covered under your current automotive policy.

Typically, your personal automotive insurance should extend to your rental car. Depending on the state in which your policy is issued, a rental vehicle is most likely covered by collision or liability coverage – treating your rental car as your primary vehicle. However, there are policies that do not cover rental vehicles, therefore it is extremely important to review your insurance policy or contact your agent before driving around in your rental car.

It is also significant to note that if you do have rental coverage on your policy, your rental is not covered unless your primary car is in the shop because of an accident.

If asked by your rental car company if you want to purchase rental coverage it is important to ask what the additional coverage covers.

Additionally, it is possible that you may be covered under your credit card company, if you are using a credit card for your rental car this may even be a built in perk of your card.

Follow these Simple Car Rental Tips:

  1. Talk to your insurance agent or company
  2. Check with your credit card company
  3. Bring your insurance policy with you to the rental car counter

To protect you and your family, contact the professionals here at The Dowd Insurance Agencies. We are happy to help you review your policy to see what is covered and what is not.