If you’re like most people, you are likely already aware of the benefits of bundling. Perhaps you bundle your cable, internet and phone service. Or maybe you bundle your order as a value meal at your local fast-food restaurant (would you like fries with that?). Bundling your insurance policies––for example home, auto and life––can also save you both time and money and net you better customer service as well.

Rather than having to deal with multiple companies, you can streamline the process by selecting one agency to coordinate all or most of your insurance needs. This will allow them to better customize different plan options to best suit your needs. Because this type of relationship is beneficial to both you and the insurance agency, most agencies offer discounts for customers who bundle.

While the most common policies to bundle are home and auto, including other policies, such as those for recreational vehicles, life insurance, and even umbrella policies, can lead to even greater savings. You’ll also benefit by having a long-term relationship with one company who understands all your coverage, making it less likely that something slips through the cracks.

After discussing a discount for bundling, you should also talk to your insurer about what other discounts are available. For example, most companies offer discounts for customer who pay for their policies in one or two lump sums, instead of in monthly installments, or for customers who sign up for auto-pay. Even discounts of 5% can lead to significant savings over multiple policies.

One-size-fits-all coverage does not exist. Everyone’s situation is different and requires individual review and recommendations that include available cost savings. At Dowd, our highly qualified professional staff is happy to help guide you in selecting the coverage just right for you, along with any opportunities for cost savings.

If you are interested in learning how you can save with bundled policies, or if you haven’t reviewed your coverage in over a year, give us a call. We pride ourselves on working with you to get you the coverage you need at a cost you can afford.