Picture this – it’s Thanksgiving and you have entire gaggle of family show up for the holidays, some by plane and some by car. While you are thrilled about your family visiting, chances are these out-of-town guests will ask to borrow your car for a last minute trip to the grocery store. You might want to hesitate before tossing them the keys…

There are usually two kinds of drivers whom are covered by your car insurance: drivers that are listed on your policy and occasional drivers. The drivers listed on your policy should be people who have regular access to your car and who could be expected to drive your car periodically. Occasional drivers are people that are not members of your household and who do not have regular access to your car.

Generally, your car is covered by your insurance if the person who borrows it does so with your permission. If an individual borrows your car without your permission – that driver might not be insured.

That being said, a person who drives your car is typically covered up to the limits of your policy. If the person who drives your car is injured in an accident that exceeds your automotive insurance policy, you could be held personally liable. Always remember that if someone is borrowing your car and gets into an accident, you are required to pay the deductible if you have one.

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