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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Cyber Security – WGBY Segment

In the wake of the massive computer hacking that hit health insurer Anthem, Inc., insurance account executive Michael Levin of the Dowd Insurance Agencies discusses the dangers and serious financial liabilities many even small companies, businesses and medical offices can face in terms of protecting client and patient information. Watch the full segment on WGBY’s Connecting Point here.

Anthem Data Breach Leaves Consumers More Open to Identity Theft

Michael Levin Рan Account Executive at The Dowd Agencies spoke to The Berkshire Eagle about the importance of having data breach liability insurance.

PITTSFIELD >> While last week’s data breach at Anthem Health Care conjured up memories of recent attacks on Target or Home Depot, experts say this case could have more serious consequences for consumers.

While the Anthem thieves reportedly did not receive credit card data, they did receive Social Security numbers and other personal information, which… Continue reading →