By: John E. Dowd, Jr.

Today our entire lives are bundled, we bundle our cable, internet, and phone, and just like shopping at Costco the idea of ordering in bulk or paying for multiple services through one provider brings the price down. The same can be said for insurance policies. Most Americans start driving under their parents insurance and although some have made changes along the way, most drivers do not make mindful efforts to switch insurance policies. As a result many households have a variety of different insurance companies for each policy. Combining your policies can save you money, time and improve your overall experience with an insurance company.

  1. Money

In an effort to eliminate costly turnover, insurance companies often offer greater discounts for customers who purchase bundled services. Customers can usually save 15 percent on each policy when they are bundled by one company, this can often amount to a $400 to $700 savings each year.

  1. Time

Not only will bundling services save you money it can also save you time. Shuffling through each of your insurance policies each month to pay your bills takes time. By switching to one insurance provider you will have one company that handles all of your insurance needs and spend less time paying bills.

  1. Customer Service

Although time and money are important, having one point of contact with an insurance company can also be beneficial. By investing in a bundled service with one insurance company you are able to develop a relationship with your insurance representative. They get to know your lifestyle and history and will be able to offer you insurance policies that are tailored for your particular needs, improving your overall experience with the insurance company.

With the start of a new year it’s the perfect time to find new ways to save money and if you currently have policies through different insurance providers combining your insurance policies is a great way to do it. Not only do customers frequently save money, they also save time and feel more confident in having one point of contact for all of their insurance needs. If you think bundling your insurance policies is the right choice for you, give me a call today and I can help you select the appropriate insurance provider to start your new year off on the right foot.