We have received inquiries from some of our customers regarding the online Automobile Insurance Rate Comparison Tool hosted by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.  If you have visited this website, the results of your search may have been confusing.  There are a few things you should know about this Rate Comparison Tool before you make any decisions regarding your automobile insurance coverage.


It’s important to understand that the Rate Comparison Tool provides rate estimates only, not accurate rate quotes. In addition, those estimates are based on a very limited number of risk characteristics – a total of six, with very limited options. Using only six rate variables does not capture enough information about your situation to allow for an accurate quote.  The rate estimate presented for some insurers is in many cases much higher than the rate you would actually be charged.


Accordingly, please keep in mind that the Rate Comparison Tool is simply too limited to provide a meaningful comparison of company rates for your specific circumstances. For you, the company with a high rate on the website list may actually offer the best price once all of your risk characteristics have been taken into account.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about automobile insurance rates.  We will be able to provide accurate information and advice regarding insurance rates and coverage for your situation, while providing the insurance protection you need.