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Homeowners Insurance

Home Insurance

Your home, whether it is a house or a condominium, is likely to be your single most valuable asset. That’s why homeowners insurance coverage is so important. It provides protection in the event your house is damaged or destroyed. It also protects your personal possessions as well as your personal liability against unexpected lawsuits. As insurance experts and your western Mass. neighbors who live and work where you do, The Dowd Insurance Agencies will help you analyze and determine the best homeowners insurance coverage for you.

Condominium insurance is similar to a homeowners policy.  However, it does have unique coverage aspects to fit the unique needs of condo owners. Our specialists at Dowd are familiar with the intricacies of condo insurance and will tailor a policy to meet your specific coverage needs and requirements.

Renters Insurance

If home, sweet home is an apartment, tenant/renters insurance is wise. One of the biggest differences from a homeowners policy is, as a renter, safeguarding the building is not your responsibility. However, you do have personal possessions to protect and having a tenant insurance policy would provide you such protection. At Dowd, we can help you decide the appropriate amount of insurance protection to suit your need and provide peace of mind.

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