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Auto Insurance

Learn more about auto insurance

When you’re looking for the best personal car insurance quote, remember that one-size-fits-all coverage does not exist.  True, most people have either a car or light truck, but what about those with motorcycles, RVs, and boats – or even antique autos?  Every personal auto insurance situation is different and requires individual review and coverage recommendations that include available cost savings.

Your auto insurance should provide protection for instances in which bodily harm or property damage occurred. Terms to know include “Collision” and “Comprehensive”. Collision coverage is insurance against damage to your auto in the event of an accident. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage refers to the insurance against other means of damage to your car such as theft or vandalism.

At The Dowd Insurance Agencies, our experts will evaluate your specific requirements and recommend coverage matched to your needs. We’ll explain the various options of auto insurance quotes such as deductibles, standard and preferred auto insurance, and other coverage details. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to make wise decisions about purchasing insurance coverage.

Some ways to save on your auto insurance

The insurance professionals at Dowd will call your attention to the following, and other, circumstances that could save you money on your auto insurance premiums:

  • • If your auto and homeowners insurance coverage is written by the same company, you might be eligible for an account credit.
  • • Having two or more vehicles insured by the same company could qualify you for a multi-car discount.
  • • If you arrange for EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments, you are not charged a monthly service fee.
  • • Installation of a qualifying anti-theft device in your vehicle could result in a credit for you.

Winter driving tips from the Massachusetts RMV

These may help keep you safe and improve your winter driving:

  • • Increase the space between your vehicle and others. You need more distance to stop safely on slippery surfaces.
  • • Never lock your brakes on icy roads. You will lose steering control.  If you do skid, remember to turn into the direction of the skid.
  • • Because they are not insulated by the earth, bridges and highway overpasses tend to freeze before the rest of the road, making them very slippery.
  • • If it is snowing, start slowly. Test your brakes by tapping them gently to see how much traction you have.
  • • Make sure your windshield wipers and defroster are in good condition.
  • • Before driving, remove ice and snow from your vehicle. Clear all windows, windshield wipers, headlights and brake lights. Clear ice and snow from your vehicle’s roof so that while you’re driving they do not blow off and create hazards for drivers behind you.
  • • Keep your fuel tank at least half full to prevent the fuel line from freezing.
  • • Be sure to fill your windshield washer reservoir with a cleaning solution that will not freeze.
  • • Keep a blanket, flashlight and small shovel in your trunk.

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