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Personal Insurance

For auto, homeowners, boat, RV and umbrella insurance, we can help you select the appropriate coverage

dowd-personal-2At The Dowd Insurance Agencies, we recognize how important personal insurance coverage is for helping you protect your personal assets and provide you the proper insurance protection. That’s why we offer you a wide variety of personal insurance policy forms and access to our highly qualified professional staff to guide you in selecting the coverage just right for you. Our team is ready to provide quotes for auto, boat, homeowners, RVs and umbrella insurance. We can design a program of protection specific to your unique individual needs. You’ll find that we’ve tailored the coverage for you and the way you live. The Dowd Insurance Agencies have over a century of experience in helping clients find and select the ideal personal insurance protection for their individual needs. Please contact us.

Insurance Checkup 101

When you’re looking for the best personal car insurance quote, remember that one-size-fits-all coverage does not exist.  True, most people have either a car or light truck, but what about those with motorcycles, RVs – or even antique autos?  Every personal auto insurance situation is different and requires individual review and coverage recommendations including cost savings. At The Dowd Insurance Agencies our experts will evaluate your specific requirements and recommend coverage matched to your needs.  We’ll explain the various options of auto insurance quotes such as deductibles, and other coverage options. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to make wise decisions about purchasing insurance coverage.
Depending on the personal coverage you are seeking, you should have answers to questions such as the following:

Homeowners Insurance

Has your house undergone major renovations or improvements?  If so, your home may be underinsured and you need additional homeowners insurance coverage. Have you added a burglar alarm to your home?  Does it have central station reporting?  If so, you could qualify for a premium discount on your homeowners insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance

Has your marital status changed?  For example, if you have recently married, you may now qualify for a multi-car discount on an auto insurance quote. Do you participate in a carpool?  By doing so, your exposure to the possibility of injuring passengers grows and your liability limits may need to be increased.  Check this out by obtaining another auto insurance quote. Are you now retired?  If you are, your auto insurance premium will probably drop since your annual driving mileage most likely will decrease.
These are the types of questions we will ask you in order to help make sure you make the best personal insurance decisions for your unique individual needs.

Umbrella Coverage

Have you purchased new valuables or collectibles?  If your answer is yes, you may be seriously underinsured for these items and in need of additional umbrella coverage.  We can recommend specialty policies or endorsements that will properly protect these possessions.

Boat insurance, RV insurance and more

Whatever your personal property you own, The Dowd Insurance Agencies will show you how to protect it. If you have watercraft – big or small – for coastal or inland use – we can provide you the most competitive boat insurance protection available. Whether you are looking for liability protection or a policy to cover the hull and trailer as well as liability, we can help. We also offer insurance to protect RVs, jet skis, snowmobiles and motor homes. To protect you against catastrophic loss we offer umbrella or excess liability protection. An umbrella policy extends over all your personal assets including auto, home, boat and recreational vehicles that you may own. Umbrella coverage limits start at $1,000,000 with higher limits available.
Please contact us.