Renewing and replacing public utility infrastructure is an ongoing task. Dowd’s public utilities wealth management system can help to maximize the value of a municipality’s public utility investments as well as its operation and maintenance dollars. We work alongside both treasurers and utility managers to stabilize and oversee the success of the provided utility and ensure that money is put toward appropriate upgrades and salaries.

Funding for Public Utilities

Utilities have an obligation to serve their customers, as they provide fundamental services, making their financial health a top priority. To ensure continuous and successful operation, Dowd Wealth Management will start by examining your investment and spending policy statements to ensure all guidelines and objectives are met. Every public utility is responsible for ensuring its system remains in good working order, regardless of available funds, and Dowd can serve as your investment steward to guarantee this happens successfully.

Managing Assets

Once we have taken stock of your statements, we will develop a custom portfolio investment plan to focus on safety, yield and growth. Our expert advisors will assist to establish a policy that ensures planned maintenance is conducted and public utility assets are repaired on time and on budget.

The underlying goal is to create a custom spending policy that meets legal requirements, the objectives of the governing body and the annual budgetary needs of the institution. Dowd’s responsible asset management strategies leads to:

  • Prolonging utility life through repair and replacement
  • A portfolio focused on sustained performance
  • Reducing overall costs for operations and expenditures

We want to build a solid, lasting partnership of trust, honesty and professionalism with your organization. Contact us to learn how we can get started on managing your infrastructure’s finances.