At Dowd Wealth Management, our first step in the financial planning process is to gain a detailed understanding of your long-term goals; we want to know what motivates and articulates the strategy for your personal investment funds. This isn’t just investing in stocks or funds; it’s investing in your future.

Creating a Plan

Next, we will create a financial plan, uniquely tailored to you, which will illustrate where you are today and how you can get to where you want to be in the future. This process will allow us to identify any potential obstacles that may prevent you from realizing your dreams. Once the plan is complete, specific recommendations will be made based on your risk tolerance and priorities. This isn’t a static process; Dowd Wealth Management will collaborate with you for the long haul to update your financial plan as your needs and goals change over time.

Implementing a Plan and Analyzing Risks

Stressing the importance of investment management, our next step is to implement the best investment options with results-oriented strategies. Our approach is designed to analyze all components of investment risk and provide returns that match your financial goals, values and risk tolerance. Our investment management services include:

  • Customized advice based upon your risk profile.
  • Portfolio construction
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Ongoing monitoring with strategic and tactical rebalancing
  • Performance reporting

Our team is committed to assisting you with your financial needs with the goal of providing specific investment and wealth planning solutions tailored to you. Contact us if you’re interested in investing for your future.