Our high net worth services (HNW) will help you attract and retain the best executives for your business by establishing and implementing executive health benefits. Our HNW experts understand the unique needs of this client base and how to protect and support your team and their families. They are qualified to manage high net worth accounts and provide high net worth wealth management services.

Executive Health Programs

Your company’s performance is directly related to the performance of your top executives. Just a few decades ago, executive health programs were targeted toward fortune 500 companies, but they have since grown in popularity and smaller businesses have caught on.

Our high net worth financial planning will help you provide your top employees and former employees with extended tax-free health benefits under your company’s health plan, rewarding and improving the productivity of your top talent.

Life Insurance, Long Term Care and Disability Insurance

As you and your top employees know, the amount of wealth you can lose is directly proportional to the amount of assets and money you have. With that said, a solid high net worth asset management strategy can help protect you and your employees’ families from financial consequences of life's unexpected events, like death, disability or necessary long-term care.

We operate in tandem with you and preferred carriers to present the best options in each of these unique scenarios. Your top employees have worked hard, now it’s time for you to reward them, and we can help. Let’s work together to develop and execute a strategy tailored to your future and theirs—contact us to get started.