As a business owner, you want to protect your business value and provide for top employees; Dowd Wealth Management can help with both with our executive benefits and company coverage.

Protect Your Company Value

The essence of company coverage is to allow your business to continue operations despite an unexpected loss. A corporate buy-sell agreement is generally found in medium-to-large scale companies but can also benefit smaller, growing businesses. It’s the primary method in which we can help protect your value in the event of a death, disability or divorce by establishing a legally binding contract that dictates how a partner’s share of a business will be reassigned.

Dowd can also create a key person insurance plan to cover an owner, top executive or another important individual within your hierarchy. In this way, key person coverage creates a financial cushion to offset a sudden loss or incapacitation of that important employee, helping to allow the continuation of services and/or production.

Thinking of passing the business on to another set of capable hands? Our experts can identify your objectives and evaluate resources to plan ahead for an exit strategy. The Dowd Wealth Management succession planning team will help you achieve a positive and seamless transition into retirement or the next phase in your illustrious career.

Provide for Your Top Employees

Optimized executive benefits for your top employees will help attract and retain talent, and can include cash compensation, option grants, deferred compensation, retirement packages and other rewards. We can help you replace benefits lost due to IRS limits and provide additional benefits on under qualified plans.

Whether you’re looking to protect your employees, your business, or both, contact us to find out how we can help today.