Wealth management goes beyond investment advice, it integrates all parts of finances, and offers a holistic approach for businesses, municipalities and individuals. Our Dowd Wealth Management services cover every aspect of your corporate or personal assets to reduce risk and protect financials.

Business Wealth Management

As your business continues to grow, Dowd Wealth Management has the expertise to help you plan for changes and provide quality solutions. Our core services include:

  • 401(k) Plans & NQ Deferred Compensation: The standard retirement plan option for businesses. Incorporating a retirement plan allows your employees to help secure their financial future, and may qualify your business for tax benefits, while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.
  • SIMPLE IRA and SEP IRA: Discover if a SIMPLE IRA or a SEP IRA is right for your company’s retirement wealth management These tax-deferred retirement plans offer desirable benefits for a growing company.
  • Corporate Portfolio Services: By analyzing the products and services you’re offering; we can help in creating a unique and improved portfolio to increase your business valuation.
  • High Net Worth Risk Services: Protect and retain your top executives and minimize their risk exposure with customized life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance and more.
  • Executive Benefits & Company Coverage: From succession plans to corporate buy and sell agreements to key person coverage, we can help you protect your business and your top employees.

Municipal Wealth Management

As one of the most trusted wealth management companies, Dowd also provides a personal level of service for state institutions, municipalities and other public agencies. We can expertly address the intricate issues for:

  • Public Utilities: We work with both municipal treasurers and utility managers to stabilize and oversee the success of the provided utility and ensure that money is put toward appropriate upgrades and salaries.
  • Municipal Investment Funds: Our advisors can assist municipalities with the creation and management of stabilization funds, cemetery endowments, trust funds and more.
  • Retirement Systems: Establish a tax-advantaged retirement plan for public employees in municipal governments or public organizations.
  • 403(b) & 457 Plans: Discover your options for a 403(b) or 457 savings plan for employees of public education organizations, nonprofit employers or government organizations.
  • OBRA Funds: Create a system for your part-time, seasonal and temporary municipal employees to participate in a deferred compensation plan.

Individual Wealth Management

What is private wealth management? These services involve the management of assets for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals. We create a close working relationship with each and every one of our HNW clients to build a portfolio and meet their individual needs and personal goals.

  • Rollovers: We’ll take a close look at your retirement assets to determine how engaging in a rollover from a savings plan to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can benefit you.
  • Personal Investment Funds: Improve your investment strategy and optimize your finances. We will work alongside you as an investment partner to achieve your goals for your personal investment fund.
  • Individual HNW Risk Services & Estate Planning: Offset your risk, protect your assets and guarantee wealth preservation with private wealth insurance services including customized life, long-term care, disability coverage and estate planning.
  • Special Needs Family Planning: Dowd realizes that special needs family planning is a lifelong journey that requires extensive preparation. Our experts can offer you compassionate and complete care to ensure your loved one is taken care of in any potential situation.